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Information on benefits for investors

Joint-stock companies that have fulfilled the requirements of the Decree of the President № PP-2454 from 21.12.2015 "On additional measures to attract foreign investors in joint-stock companies" is provided with following benefits:

  • exemption from the tax on incomes of foreign investors in the form of dividends on shares until 1/1/2020;
  • exemption from payment of state fees in appeals to the courts with a claim for violation of their rights and legal interests, and their subsequent recovery from parties convicted by the Court guilty.

In addition, the benefits are provided in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 11.04.2005, № UP-3594 "On additional measures to stimulate the attraction of direct private foreign investments" differentially, depending on the volume of investments made by foreign investors:

  • Taxes on income, property, for the improvement and development of social infrastructure, single tax and mandatory contributions to the Republican Road Fund.

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