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Online banking

Information for Corporate Clients

Application of «Bank-Client»
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“Internet-bank” system
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Information for Private Clients

Click system: Description and Opportunities

"CLICK" system is a system of mobile banking that allows individuals to make payments via mobile phone (via USSD \ SMS-portal) or the Internet (via the Web \ Web-mobile) for the services of mobile operators, Internet service providers; transfer funds to other individuals, trade and service enterprises (buying in supermarkets, payment in restaurants and cinemas); make online purchases from online stores directly from one’s bank account. 

Payment through the "CLICK" system is produced in two ways: by means of the Internet site or USSD-request  from mobile phone tied to a deposit account or credit card account.

  • Payment via Internet site (https://my.click.uz, https://m.click.uz) is carried out directly from your account on-line by selecting the necessary goods and services;
  • Payment using a mobile phone is carried out by means of USSD-request (on a short number * 880 #). This technology allows you to make payments anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether there is an Internet around. 

The "CLICK" system works on Web-technology, widely used in the Internet worldwide network, as well as SMS and USSD technology, widely used in the provision of cellular services. Selected works technology is not forcing the user to learn difficult functions to work with the System, since USSD-requests are already widely used by the population and does not require the installation of special software on cell phones. This technology is supported by all mobile phones, regardless of brand and model.

Main features of "CLICK":

  • Implementation of payment via mobile phone or the Internet directly from the bank account of an individual without the use of cash;
  • Managing billings using USSD / SMS / WEB - portal;
  • Transfer of funds to other users of CLICK system;
  • Transfer funds between accounts;
  • The ability to activate the service "Avtopayment" allows you to keep the balance always in the "operational" status;
  • View payment history;
  • Online check of bank accounts balance;
  • Getting account information;
  • SMS-notifications on bank accounts;
  • Repayment of the loan with the CLICK - accounts and much more.
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