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Securities services

Equity issuance

Private Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Turkiston" offers investors their shares of the thirteenth issue announced in due order on April 18, 2016, in the amount of 5 000 000 000,00 soums. At the same time we offer for your consideration a summary of the conditions and procedure for the placement of shares of the thirteenth issue of the bank "Turkiston".

State registration

The Center for coordination and development of the securities market (registration number R0064-13 of 18 April 2016)

Amount of  the regular thirteenth issuance

5 000 000 000,00 (five billion) soums

The nominal value of one share

1 000.00 (one thousand) soums

Number of issued shares

5 000 000 (five million) pieces

Type of shares


Type of shares


The order of placement of shares

Trough the public offering to individuals and legal entities as established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Method of placement

By market value, not below par

Full details of the placement of the thirteenth issuance of "Turkistan" Bank shares represented

1. At the site of bank "Turkistan": www.turkistonbank.uz
2. In the economic newspaper "Birja": www.gazetabirja.uz
3. On the Republican Stock Exchange: www.uzse.uz

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