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About the Bank

Bank Development Strategy

The purpose of the Development Strategy of PJSCB "Turkiston" is the development of activity parameters on 2016 - 2020 years that will ensure long-term profitable operation of the Bank as a profitable commercial organization, its progressive development on the basis of strengthening the stability, competitiveness, the adequacy of the control system to take risks.

The development strategy is determined by the following principles: continuous improvement of quality and increase of the services list, reducing the cost of banking transactions, improving the strategic and current planning. The Bank adheres to a conservative approach to risk management and the development of growth plans, which contributes to the stability of the bank and its adaptability to the rapidly changing market conditions.

Bank's strategic priority is a high quality relationships with customers and partners on the basis of such values of the Bank "Turkiston" as:

  • Reliability;
  • Competence;
  • Integrity;
  • Trust and responsibility;
  • Prudence and professionalism;
  • Initiative and creativity;
  • Openness and goodwill.

Long-term development

  • Strengthening reliable banking partner status for existing and potential customers in the retail, corporate and IB sectors while maintaining the profile of mobile bank;
  • Ranking among the leading banks of Uzbekistan in terms of assets and capital;
  • Expansion of the branch network and other channels of supply of financial services;
  • Ensuring high quality and expanding the range of services and products;
  • Improvement of risk management standards, improve operational efficiency through investments in human resources and information technology;
  • Diversification of the loan portfolio;
  • Transformation of retail business into a separate highly profitable business;
  • Strengthening the resource base by increasing capital and deposits;
  • Attracting a strategic investor or the creation of a strategic partnership with well-known international banks;
  • Provide return on capital of at least 25-30% per annum.
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