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Plastic cards of PJSCB "Turkiston" - for those who value time and comfort!

Today payment systems using plastic cards are becoming widespread in our country

It is a modern and convenient means of payment by which a customer can make cashless payments for goods and services, withdraw cash in banks and through ATMs

In order to fulfill the President Decree № PP-1325 of 19/04/2010 "On additional measures to stimulate the development of the settlement system with the use of bank cards", PJSCB "Turkiston" currently issues Soum smart cards designed to local payments in the national currency, UZKART for its customers.

The bank has introduced various types of Soum cards designed for different customer needs. PJSCB "Turkiston" issues 3 types of Soum plastic cards, depending on the query:
- Bank cards for individuals
- Corporate bank cards
- Credit cards for a private entrepreneur.

A bank card for individuals - a personal card of an individual, which allows the holder to dispose of the funds of the card. In order to encourage holders of plastic cards, monthly interest to the balance on the card account is calculated by the bank

Corporate bank card - available for businesses, the holder of which is an authorized officer of a legal entity. The card is intended for administrative costs. For example, travel, for stationery and household goods, for fuel costs and the provision of services. Issuance of cash on corporate bank cards is not allowed.

Bank card for a private entrepreneur - a payment card issued by a bank to a private entrepreneur, entitling cardholders to make payments using the funds on the card account for goods or services in a cashless form in the national currency.

What is the advantage of using a bank Soum plastic cards for you:

- A significant savings of time and effort in carrying out payments at purchasing of goods and services
- Reducing the risk of cash loss related to robbery, loss
- Avoid errors in the calculation of cash bills
- Avoid the risks associated with counterfeit of paper money
- The possibility of additional income in the form of accrued interest.


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