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Opening and servicing of accounts

POJSCB Turkiston opens the following bank accounts:

           a) deposit account;
           b) savings deposit accounts;
           c) term deposit accounts;
           d) loan accounts;
           d) inter-bank deposit accounts.

To open a deposit account in the national currency of residents - legal entities that are business entities, individual entrepreneurs and dehkan farms, they should submit to the bank the following documents (based on Instruction on bank accounts opened in banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 1948 from 27.04.2009):

1) an application to open an account in the form according to appendix N 2 to the present Instruction;

2) a copy of the certificate of state registration;

3) Two copies of cards with samples of signatures and stamp in the form according to appendix N 3 to the present Instruction;

4) for residents - legal entities, which are the subjects of entrepreneurial activity, - copies of constituent documents (constituent contract, the charter), as well as changes and additions to them;

5) for enterprises with foreign investments and other enterprises with foreign capital - notarized copies of constituent documents, as well as changes and additions to them;

6) a document certifying the identity of the person (passport or equivalent document) having authority for signing monetary and settlement documents on behalf of clients. A copy is received by the bank after the presentation of the original identity.

When customer opens a bank account, a bank account agreement (for deposits of individuals - the bank deposit agreement) is signed.
Bank guarantees the secrecy of bank accounts, account transactions and customer information. Information about the transactions and accounts is provided to the client or his representatives, and the public authorities and their officials in their written request only in cases and in the manner prescribed by legislation.


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JPY 71.91 70 72

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