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Bank "Turkiston" is successfully operated in the banking market since 1998.

Since its inception, Bank "Turkistоn" strictly follows its own development strategy to maximize the use of rich experience, accumulated in the history of development of the banking system of Uzbekistan as well as the most modern methods and technologies of banking business recognized in the world banking practice.

As a development concept, bank is developed the model of universal commercial bank, which assumes dynamic development of the Bank "Turkiston" as the credit institution providing a full range of financial services through expanding customer service network.

Today Bank "Turkiston" is a dynamically developing universal financial institution, which has the reputation of a reliable credit institution, based on the provision of the highest quality financial services and owning modern technologies for serving of all types of customers.

The reliability and stability are the main criteria, which accented by the Bank in its activities.

The bank currently has a positive growth in all major and qualitative indicators. Updated Bank Strategy involves a high capitalization and the stability and reliability as well. Equity capital today amounts to more than 26.5 billion UZS.

Currently it carried out an additional issue of shares of the bank in the amount of 5.0 billion UZS, designed for foreign investors. It should be noted that the bank's shares are listed on the Stock Exchange on the "A" Category.

The Bank has a high current liquidity position, the dynamic growth of assets and stable sources of their coverage. All above mentioned is confirmed by high rating of the bank's activities, and International Rating Company «Standard & Poor's» assigned the bank with B-/C rating.



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USD 8140.06 8100 8150
USD 8140.06 8100 8150
EUR 10030.18 9900 10100
GBP 11281.31 11150 11300
JPY 76.51 75 77

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